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Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

September 28, 2014

The price to advertise your business gets more expensive each year. With television and radio advertising prices at record highs, many small business owners are looking for more traditional marketing techniques. These older techniques have been effective for a hundred years and if used effectively can really drive new business to your company.

Printed business cards are one of the least expensive of all marketing techniques, yet it consistently has one of the highest returns on investment. The key to creating the perfect business card is to keep it simple. The logo should be very easy to identify, the name of the company should be the largest font on the card, followed by contact information like your email address and telephone number. Even if you have several contact numbers, don’t confuse the potential customer. Choose a number that you use most and limit your card to only having one way to reach you.

You rang?

August 24, 2014

Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling, RING-A-LING?! As I am sitting in my friends home enjoying a sunny afternoon, and great conversation, I hear the phone ring over and over again in the background. The first time this happens I just assume she doesn’t want to interrupt our talking so lets it go to the answering machine. But just seconds later the phone rings again and she acts like she doesn’t even hear it. Again, I assume she is just being polite so I don’t say anything. But when that ring-a-ling happens for a third time, I ever so gently ask, “Did you need to get that call”? WOW! I did not expect the outburst that came after that from my friend. She let me know loud and clear that she does not need a hearing aid and that I should not be accusing her of not being able to hear. After a few minutes of back and forth, I settled into the idea that she is not aware, or is in denial, of her loss of hearing. In the future I will just keep quiet, and subtly leave her some information about getting hearing aids Altrincham!

Getting a Better Job With Higher Pay

August 13, 2014

I refused to believe that the reason I was not getting those high paying job offers was due to my appearance. I was slowly coming to the realization however that with any type of sales career you are the face of the business. When you are losing your hair it just is very difficult to get people to focus on what you are saying rather than looking at that big shiny area on the top of my head.

I finally gave into pressure and decided on trying a FUE hair transplant. The specialist assured me the process would be virtually painless and the end result would not only give me more confidence, it would allow people to focus on what I was saying. Three months after I go the procedure completed, I was the top selling agent in our office and plan on being the highest seller for the year at this rate.

Lookin’ Good for My High School Reunion

July 23, 2014

With my 20th high school reunion quickly approaching, I knew I needed some help getting into shape – and fast. Dieting and exercise were helping a little, but I needed more if I was going to fit into my new little black dress. Everyone wants to look great at their high school reunion – I have a great job, a wonderful, loving husband and awesome kids, but I also wanted to look great too. Liposuction seemed the way to go, so I made an appointment for vaser lipo. The staff was wonderful in explaining the procedure and what to expect. Guess what? It worked! I still try to eat right and get enough physical activity during the week, but the little extra help liposuction gave me was enough to slip into that dress and impress all my old high school friends and former rivals!

My Least Favorite

July 11, 2014

Next week I start my preoperative assessment courses and I have to admit I am freaking out a little bit about it. Last week I was so busy with my family that I was unable to get much studying in at all. Basically I put in a little less than an hour of book reading. Not even close to enough! If I don’t pass this I guess its a lesson learned, if I do than I guess I was blessed with pure luck. For my next classes coming up I plan to actually set aside dedicated time where there are no distractions to keep me from studying my life away. If I do not start doing this than I have a feeling I will start slipping in all my classes. So hopefully my future plans with this whole ordeal actually works. Mind over matter I guess they would say.